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-----Original Message-----

From: Allan Schmidt []
Subject: Newport 41 California to Sarnia has arrived
Hello Gigi,Thank you very much for your assistance and patience with me to deliver our new boat delivered to Sarnia, Derek was great and with the care he took loading and securing everything you could tell that he was a true professional and has a passion for his profession. If you need a reference for anyone I would be happy to provide it. Thank you again.  Allan Schmidt


-----Original Message-----
From: Brian Will []
Subject: Boat and Yacht Transport Testimonial
Gigi, It was a pleasure working with the Boat and Yacht Transport team to get our 46 foot flybridge from Texas to Florida. From the first e-mail, phone call and right thru getting the boat safely to Sarasota, the effort was excellent. Your detailed work in determining the shipping requirements left us with no surprises when the transport took place. Your driver, Skip, was a seasoned professional. He knew his business, the equipment and expertly prepared the boat prior to shipment. He kept us and the arrival yard staff updated on the transport progress so everything was ready when the boat arrived at the yard. There were no delays and no surprises.  We cannot thank you, Skip and Boat and Yacht Transport enough for the expert service we received getting our yacht safely to her new home. Please feel free to use us as a reference for anyone considering a boat or yacht transport.
Sincerely,  Brian Will, Plano, TX


-----Original Message-----

From: Kuhn, Ron []
Subject: Silverton Aft Cabin
Gigi, I just wanted to send you a thank you note. The transport went well, DreamCatcher (40’ Silverton Aft Cabin) arrived in Green bay on 5-9-14 just in time to be off-loaded before the week-end. Skip was great. Always was able to be reached and called often to update his location and estimated arrival. I would recommend boat and Yacht transport to anyone based on my experience. Thanks to you and your team. You may use me as a reference if you like, there were no surprises or last minute changes in the quoted rate.

The transport turned out to be the easiest part of the move. The company I contracted with to provide labor support for vessel preparation (bridge Deck had to be removed to stay within height guidelines) would not support the work due to other priorities (backlog) created by a week of bad weather. My wife and I did all the work ourselves. How we ever managed it is a miracle as we are both up there in years. As it was, we were within four inches of max height with the bridge removed. But, we were done in time to be waiting for skip to load up the transport. Best Regards, Ron Kuhn, 920-901-2824


-----Original Message-----

From: Doug Scott <>
Subject: Thank You
To: David Cline <>
Hey Dave,  Noticed that you were online, and wanted to thank you for a very professional job. Kit is the best. It is a pleasure doing business with you as always.
Take Good Care, Doug Scott, Massey Yacht Sales, Mobile: 727-642-9022, Office Direct: 727-565-0795


-----Original Message-----

From: Iain Nicolson []
Subject: Blackfin Boat Transport East cost to West coast USA

Hope you are doing well and surviving the bad economic times.  You transported a Blackfin 33 for us from Ft Walton FL to Galveston TX and we were really happy with the service.


-----Original Message-----
Scott Bell []
Subject: Stuart, FL to Newport Beach, CA - 41 Hydrasports Boat Transport

HOWARD IS A GOOD DRIVER.  Communicates well and delivered our boat in perfect shape.  Nice job.  Thanks.


-----Original Message-----
From: Homer Montgomery

Subject: Sailboat Transport Texas

It is time to move our boat again.  I decided to do a refit and upgrade down to the slightest detail.  Thus, we would need an interim move to our new home in St Louis before heading to her final berth in Chicago during the spring of 2013.  I have not put this up on uShip because your guy did a good job at a fair rate on the last move from Galveston to Dallas.


-----Original Message-----

From: Jim Wagner []

Subject: Re: Chris Craft Aquahome 46' New York to Florida


You guys did a great job. The boat arrived four days early, on budget and in great shape. It was the first time I moved my boat without a hitch. I would recommend you guys any time. Thanks for your help. Cheers! -Jim


-----Original Message-----

From: georges vignes []

Subject: 29 phoenix with cradle 

 The boat arrived yesterday in Nouméa (New Caledonia).  You have made a great job with the cradle. Thank you very much! Georges


-----Original Message-----

From: John Ashton []

Subject: Boat Shipping ProLine 32 heading to Fiji - shrinkwrap pictures attached.  That's awesome. I appreciate your quick response, Regards. John


-----Original Message-----

From: Mathieu reveiller []
Subject: Bayliner 246 Boat Transport Ohio to Georgia heading to New Caledonia

I received the Bayliner 246, good job, thank you for your services.  I’m thinking about the next one. Attached on this email one photo.  Can you do that with a special ship cradle ? Best regards, Matthieu Réveiller, New Calédonia


-----Original Message-----

From: Rey []

Subject: Boat Transport California to Florida Mariah 27 on Trailer, loaded.

Thanx again for your help and getting the boat here safe. She is home now. Also Sarah (Lauderdale Marine Center) was very nice and accommodating.  All went well in all aspects. If I ever need hauling again u are #1 on my list. Have a good day stay in touch.


-----Original Message-----

From: []

Subject: Boat Transport Connecticut to Michigan

I haven't seen my boat since the move, but the Torresen people tell me it arrived in good shape. I just had the mast repainted a year ago so my concern was that it may chafe during the move so I'll be curious to see it.  I think Boat and Yacht Transport  was good to work with, the schedule suited me, and your price was the best for the three movers I contacted for a quote. Overall, I'm happy so far.  Thanks, Mac Mc


-----Original Message-----

From: Kate Swirtz []

Subject: Yacht Transport Testimonial
These guys know what they are doing and I highly recommend! I had another company lined up for my boat transport and they doubled the price on me at the last minute and then couldn't make the pick up date. I fired them and contacted Boat and Yacht Transport. They arranged everything in ONE DAY and my boat was on the road the following day. Great communication, .... and I saved over $1,000.00 so their rates are great too. My boat arrived at the new marina in perfect condition and on time. Their sister company was excellent too.


-----Original Message-----

From: Veli-Matti Alho []
Subject: Bruce Roberts Sailboat Transport Texas - Return trip

Thx alot, Harmony got offloaded nicely. The crane worked just perfect.  I spent couple of nights pretty nervous (including all the coordination... Great work !!)  I'll get into it to get her back in the water asap. Depending how I get things done, I'll get in contact with you to reverse the project ;)) !!! Thx, BR Veli-Matti Alho

-----Original Message-----

From: Dave Baker []

Subject: Re: Downeast Lobster Boat Transport Maryland to Washington
Thank you for the note and the documents. I am getting some time to get out on Nautilus and enjoy the Pacific Northwest. It’s a whole different world out here. I was very pleased with the condition of Nautilus when she arrived and her arrival within the proposed time frame. One thing I would encourage is that it never hurts to be over communicative. For every two positive reviews of a boat hauler online, there is a story of some hauler or broker bouncing with a deposit never to be seen or heard from again. After reading all this, I was on edge with the whole process and became quite frazzled after submitting my deposit then not being kept up to date on the pick up time. I was also frazzled when issues arose with loading and I heard about it through my Dad who hadn’t been involved in the process at all and wasn’t at the boat for pick up. I’m not generally a high-strung person (from my own perspective at least!), but I was pretty nervous.
All that being said, once the boat was on the truck and underway everything was a breeze. Now knowing from experience that you aren’t a group that disappears with deposits, I would definitely ship with you all again. The boat arrived safely, on time, and on budget, and there is nothing more I should really hope for than that! Thank you very much. Best wishes, Dave.

-----Original Message-----

From: Bob Lock []
Subject: Re: Ranger Sailboat Transport Minnesota to Florida
Thanks for you e-mail. Everything went well and the boat is in the water in Sarasota. Thanks for your help. Bob


-----Original Message-----

From: Jim

Subject: Back Cove 29 Boat Transport Florida to Ohio
All went well. The drivers showed up on time and were conscientious. The drivers kept in contact with me via cell phone. I'm intending on working with you again next October/April.  Bob, the driver, did a good job with the boat transport to Cleveland.  Midway through the trip Bob called me to inform me that the radar mast structure broke and it was hanging by the wires. Bob and I agreed the best thing was to cut the wires and put the radar mast in the back of his truck for the rest of the trip, which he did. I appreciate his help and attentiveness. See you in October. Thank you, Jim.


-----Original Message-----

From: Ken Gow []

Subject: Monterey on Trailer Boat Transport Indiana to Georgia

My wife and I were very pleased with the service provided. Our boat was delivered without a scratch and right on time. I will definitely recommend Boat and Yacht Transport to everyone!! Thanks again for all you did in getting our boat down to GA safe and sound. Ken

-----Original Message-----

From: []

Subject: Sailboat Transport Bristol Corsair New Hampshire to New York

Thank you; yes very satisfied, I wish i found you earlier, I shipped a Sabre 28 from Stoneington CT to Rochester last month which is less mileage than the delivery you did for me and I paid $2,250 vs. the $1,500 you charged me!  Everything appeared in order at the yard, you will be my first call next time I need a transport.


-----Original Message-----

From: Iain Nicolson []

Subject: Blackfin 33 Boat Transport Florida to Texas

I really want to thank you for the excellent and trouble free service you gave us. Being thousands of miles away in Africa and not being able to see what was going on was frustrating but you guys handled the whole thing without a hitch. You made this whole operation run perfectly and we are very grateful for that. The boat arrived in TX perfectly and now we can get on with the work to get her ready to ship out here. I'd recommend you to anyone who needs this kind of transport. Once again many thanks for making doing this job so well for us!

With best regards, Iain Nicolson


-----Original Message-----

From: Chris Jones []

Subject: Boat Transport Illinois to Connecticut Searay 280 - BOL

Thanks for the final paperwork.  The boat arrived on time with no problems, your driver Sonny did a great job preparing it for the trip and he kept me up to date on his progress along the way.  Your price was very competitive and the service great, if we need to move the boat again we will give you a call.



-----Original Message-----

From: Fawwaz Qadan []

 Subject: Boat Transport International - South Carolina, US to Jebel Ali, UAE Searay 270

Got the boat in great shape.  All went very well. I would definitely recommend Boat and Yacht Transport.  You were easy to deal with and you helped tons with preparing all the import documents. I appreciate it.

Many Thanks, Fawwaz


-----Original Message-----

From: Mark Hughes []

Subject: Local Florida Deck Boat Transport Water Recovery Load


Thanks for the call and follow up email. The boat arrived in great shape and the driver Isaac was super. He is a really nice guy and a real compliment to your team! Sincerely, Mark


-----Original Message-----

From: Misty Tosh []

Subject: Chung Hwa Ketch Sailboat Transport Tennessee to Marina Del Rey, California

I just wanted to tell you that my driver, Donnie did a GREAT job.  I would highly recommend him and Boat and Yacht Transport to anyone.


Thank God, you guys came to my rescue and got my boat out to the west coast in no time.  Again, sooo appreciated!  Misty


-----Original Message-----

From: Christina J. Bruff []

Subject: Chris Craft Commander Boat Transport Delaware to Florida

You all did a superb job on every aspect of our boat transport and made it stress-free for us – thank you!

We’ll be going to Amelia Island next week and are looking forward to getting the boat organized and back into the water.

Thank you again for all your help.

Christina & Chuck DuMars

-----Original Message-----

From: Marilia Nunez []

Subject: Forumula Boat Transport Florida to New Jersey Receipt and BOL

Happy Friday!

Thank you for the follow-up. I’d like to thank you for your services you were extremely helpful and not to mention FAST!. I appreciate all of your help. I am looking forward in working with you in the future!

Thanks again,

Marilia Nuñez, Executive Assistant

Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff


-----Original Message-----

From: David Santel []

Subject: Catalina Sailboat Shipping Washington to California

I am completely satisfied with the boat transport service Boat and Yacht Transport provided us. The boat arrived in the same condition as it left in. I apreciate that you followed up every step of the way. And the truck driver was also a boat owner and had a great attitude and was very proud of his hydraulic boat trailer. I knew he would bring our girl home safe and undamaged. I would definitely advise anyone that need to ship there boat long distance to use your services. It’s good to be back home again sailing in the SF bay! Cheers,

Dave and Genn Santel


-----Original Message-----

From: Alexey Milovidov []

Subject: Proline Boat Transport Florida to Washington

Everything was fine. Thank you for services. Alex.


-----Original Message-----

From: Lowder, William []

Subject: Sea Ray 340 Sundancer Boat Transport Maryland to Minnesota

Very satisfied with your assistance. Thank you for your responsiveness.  Bill


-----Original Message-----

From: John Weber []

Subject: RE: Boat Transport New York to Louisiana Crew Boat

I am very satisifed. Everything went just as planned.  Thank you very much. John Weber


-----Original Message-----

From: Greg Spurgeon []

Subject: Boat Transport Maryland to Texas Cabrio Larson -  Crane Load

I would like to thank ya’ll for the excellent service provided by your company. I was very relieved to find a company that under promises and over deliverers. I would HIGHLY recommend your company to any one in need of boat transport. I was very pleased to say the least. Feel free to use me as a reference. I will definitely tell anyone I know of your excellent service and professionalism. A definite 10 out of 10!

Thanks again. Greg Spurgeon


-----Original Message-----

From: Cindy Andrew []

Subject: Regal Commodore 3060 Boat Transport Alabama to South Carolina

All was in order. A super job. Transporter was terrific.  Thank you.


-----Original Message-----]

Subject: Bass boat to Australia boat transport

Just letting you know I received the boat & all is OK. Once again thanks for all your help!!! Stay safe with all those hurricanes around. Thankfully, Peter


-----Original Message-----

From: Radiopromotions []

Subject: Boat Transport Key West, Florida from Port of Jacksonville - Barcelona boat transport import - Re: PICS of DONZI

Can I just say a big thank you to you and Bob for all your help in delivering my boat safely to Key West. You did a great job! Best Regards, Steve


-----Original Message-----

From: Romina Jelves []

Subject: Sailboat Transport Cranchi Smeraldo 36

Thank you for the email. I appreciate all your help. Thanks, Romina


-----Original Message-----

From: Ralph Mader []
Subject: Sailboat Transport Georgia to Alabama Morgan 415 Out Island

Working with the folks at Boat and Yacht Transport has been a positive experience. I especially appreciated your willingness to accommodate the shipping date. You have my recommendations. Ralph


-----Original Message-----

From: Clare Anderson []

Subject: Boat Transport Florida to Illinois - SeaRay280 Sundancer

Boat is here and is fine. Thanks again for the fast service.


-----Original Message-----

From:  Tom Gibbs []

Subject: Boat Transport Florida to New York - 2006 Pearson True North Heritage 38

Thank you for the great service. I've been shipping my boat north every year and I never realized how easy it could be. You shipped with a short lead time, the boat arrived on time and in great condition, all at a competitive price. This was the best shipping experience I have had. You have raised the bar. Thank you, Tom Gibbs


-----Original Message-----

From: Al and Di []

Subject: Boat Transport New Jersey to Washington

Everything went well. Jerry was very good and I would use him again. The boat made the 3000 miles in great shape. I may sell the boat and buy another one. I will ship with you again. You came highly recommended and I wasn't disappointed. Thanks Again, Al Taylor


-----Original Message-----

From: Chris Leithman []

Subject: Sea Ray Boat Transport New Jersey to Florida

The weather is great in Pensacola, Fla. I just wish I was there to enjoy it. The boat got here and then I had to return back to work in Saudi Arabia but when I return home I will enjoy several days on the water, rain or shine. I want to thank both of you and the driver for working with me to get the boat transported in such a shot time frame. Everything went great !!!!!!!!!

I want to thank you again and would recommend your services to everyone I know. Have a great day. Chris


-----Original Message-----

From: Brad Kurlancheek []

Subject: Sailboat Transport with Trailer loaded to self loading Ramp Transport - Arrival complete.  Everything went terrific. Thanks so much for your help. Dwayne needs to be awarded "boat transporter of the year award." Couldn't've been done without his help. Thanks again, Brad Kurlancheek


-----Original Message-----

From: Craig Rowan []


 Subject: Yacht Transport Maxum 46 Florida to Georgia to Australia followup

Thanks yours below and sorry I haven’t been able to reply sooner. I don’t know if you’ve heard back from Neil on his thoughts, but from our perspective we were very happy with your service. When you consider that the cargo dims were mis-described causing rerouting and other problems, we were thankful for your professionalism in having the job still carried out within the timeframe required and with the minimum of fuss.

I won’t go on any more in case you guys get a “big head”. However, I will say that with your blessing we will continue to use your company for any future business of this nature we can secure.

Look forward to dealing with you soon.

Best Regards,

Craig Rowan

Indian Ocean Shipping Agencies


-----Original Message-----

From: Ozspark Electrical Contractors []

Subject: Monte Fino 55' Yacht Transport Canada to US to Australia - Two Truck Move

Things have been hectic over the holiday period. Thank you for all of your hard work in getting our baby back.  Adam Henry & Chris Bakes


-----Original Message-----

From: Ashley Longmaid []
Subject: Florida Boat Transport to Maine - Lobster Boat Transport 36' Quote Reply

The boat has been offloaded and looks great. Thanks again for your flexibility and patience. Best Regards, AJ Longmaid


-----Original Message-----

From: Ralph

Subject: Boat Transport on trailer Minnesota to Port Delivery Maryland - Urgent Cutoff

We are very satisfied with your way of handling our situation. From the problem we had regarding the short notice from the freight company, Boat and Yacht Transport saved the situation and was able to get our boat in time, over a weekend, to Baltimore harbor.


We have also noticed that your policy to react on e-mail and current mailing information and documents, make us very happy here on the other side of the world.   Next time we will have a transport, we will ask Boat and Yacht Transport to offer the whole way to Gothenburg in Sweden and also recommend our business associates the same.   To quote Clint E: You make my day!


Best Regards, Ralph Birgerson, Mariestad, Weden


-----Original Message-----

From:Mark []

Subject: Sea Ray Boat Transportation California to Massachusetts

My boat was delivered at 100PM today with no noticeable problems. The driver was a hard worker and very professional. I would recommend your service to others along with the truck driver. Mark Burke


-----Original Message-----

From: Charlie Lambalot []
Subject:  Boat Transport Maryland to Massachusetts Chaparral

Thanks for the follow-up message.  I am quite pleased with the professional handling of my boat transport. Your competitive pricing and timely completion proved to be a very good value.  I admit I was a bit nervous given this was my first experience with such a move.  Everyone involved was knowledgeable, courteous and patient with my calls for updates. 

I'll definitely recommend Boat and Yacht Transport to anyone considering a boat move. Best Regards, Charlie Lambalot


-----Original Message-----

From: Ron and Jen Westbrook[]

Subject: Sailboat Transport Florida to Mississippi - Hydraulic Trailer offload - Allied Seabreeze

Everything went well.  The driver did an excellent job getting into tight quarters.  Thank you very much!


-----Original Message-----

From: George Scheiner

Subject: Boat Transport Florida to Maine

The folks at Boat and Yacht Transport were terrific!  Dave's attention to detail and service far exceeded my expectations. I spoke to many transporters and none of them even knew what a Downeast was! From the planning to the pickup to the delivery; everything went according to plan. The boat transport trailer seemed like it was made for my boat. The driver Mike took great care hauling my boat, my girl, all the way from Punta Gorda, Florida up to Portland ME. I would use Boat and Yacht Transport again and will on her way back down to FL in the fall.


-----Original Message-----

From: Jack Drew []

Subject: Boat Transport Florida SeaRay

I was very happy with your service. The price was right, you kept me informed of the schedule and the progress of the transportation when it took place, and the staff that answered the phone was always pleasant. Couldn't ask for more.  Thank You. Jack


-----Original Message-----

From: S. D. Coyle [

Subject: Moving Our Boat

I didn't know how I was going to get our boat from Boston, Mass. to California.  After speaking with Boat and Yacht Transport, it was a comfort knowing they were in charge of taking care of our boat.  Everything went down exactly as she said and our boat arrived in excellent condition.  Thank You.  Susan D. Coyle


-----Original Message-----

From: John Rich [] ]

Subject: Boat Transport Mississippi to Oklahoma Beneteau Sailboat Transport 35'

Ms. BellThank you, for the opportunity to share my experience regarding the recent transport of my boat.  My experience was nothing but positive and professional, beginning with the first telephone conversation through the unloading of the boat in Oklahoma.  The level of communication was very good. All my questions were answered quickly and professionally.  I was completely confident in the ability of your organization to handle the transport of my boat and was not disappointed.  Your driver was very professional and knowledgeable in supervising the boats unloading.  He communicated through your office prior to leaving Mississippi, that the spreaders where never removed from the mast and  expressed concern for the potential for damage. He then saw to it that the mast was properly prepped for transport. In summary, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company to anyone for their consideration.  A big “Thank You” to all involved.  God Bless,  John B. Rich


-----Original Message-----

From: Charles Bullock []

Subject: Boat Transport Florida to Washington Catamaran Seasport 32

The service was excellent, the attention to detail was great and the experience was professional. We will be utilizing your services again I am sure. Thank you, Captain Charles Bullock, USN (Rtr.), Naval Architect / LPE, Marine Surveyor & Consultant


-----Original Message-----

From: Neil Hollett []

Subject: Yacht Transport Florida to Georgia to Australia - Maxum 46

I was very happy with your service getting my boat to Savannah. There were obviously some logistical problems along the way which you handled diligently and most importantly you kept me informed all the time, which is very reassuring when I'm half a world away.  Thank you for your service. I would be happy to recommend you and your business to any potential boat buyer over here in Australia. Kind Regards - Neil Hollett


-----Original Message-----

From:Harbour City Equipment []

Subject:Boat Transport South Carolina to Washington - Grady White

The service was great.  I have had 8 boats hauled over the last 3.5 years and the attention to detail with regards to photos before and after, greasing the bearings of the trailer etc, and not to mention the driver keeping in contact with me it all worked out flawlessly.  I will pass your name along to other people I deal with so you can get some future business.  Thanks Chris


-----Original Message-----

From: Coconut Grove Inc. (Gary Laufer) []

Subject: Boat Transport Canada, British Columbia from Florida, Sea Ray boat transport 39'

It was a long & frustrating day but with a very happy ending...the best kind.  We met Kathy (who was driving) at the border.  She was fantastic and very helpful in solving some problems that arose.  Your whole Team took very good care of our needs and Boat.  Thank you again to all.  Regards, Gary


-----Original Message-----

From: Susan Jostrom []

Subject: Boat Transport Washington - Pearson Sailboat Transport Georgia to Washington

Service was EXCELLENT!!! HUGE kudos!!!!! I would recommend your company to anyone. Let us know if you need a reference!  Many Thanks - Sue


-----Original Message-----

From: Wilkins, Diana (Yellow Book USA-SCH)

Subject: Boat Transport Illinois to Texas 2001 Seasprite Power boat on trailer

Thank you for your service. The rates were reasonable, service was dependable and exactly what you said it would be. In the world today it it rare to find companies that stand by their word and believe in delivering great service. I too work for a company that believes in under promising and over delivering I know first hand how rare it is and respect it even more when I see that quality in others! Keep up the good work!  Best Regards, Diana Wilkins, General Sales Manager, Yellow Book USA


-----Original Message-----

From: MPC Network & MPC Boaters Guide - Rich Dalessio

Subject:  Sail boat Transport Maryland to California Hunter Sailboat

I just got back into town.  I'm sure you already know the boat arrived safely.  I enjoyed meeting Harley and dealing with you.  My testimonial will be forth coming and we're going to drive a lot of biz your way.  Thanks for everything. 


At long last, here is that testimonial I promised--I'm faxing the signed copy.  The boat's in great shape and if you ever make it out west you have an open invitation to join me for a sail.  Hope you're well. -Rich 


I just wanted to officially thank you and your organization for the handling of the transport of my boat.  I couldn’t have been happier with the level of professionalism, can do spirit, and fun attitude you all brought to the job.


I can only imagine that shipping a 30-foot boat coast to coast is a huge logistical undertaking.  You and your crew handled it expertly and brought it safely to homeport within a 5-hour window of your original projection. 


Perhaps the most satisfying part of the experience was the fact that you made it a point to keep me informed of the transport throughout the delivery.  I never wondered as to the whereabouts or timeline and that is a huge relief to an anxious boat owner.


Kudos to you and your staff and I can honestly say it was a pleasure doing business with you.Sincerely - Richard D’Alessio


-----Original Message-----

From: Gregory Absten  - Boot Key Harbor, Florida Keys, Florida  []
Subject: Boat Transport New Jersey to South Carolina - Beneteau Sailboat Transport Oceanus 370

Thanks for working out a rate he could afford. Considering his physical condition right now that was a lifesaver (maybe even literally).   Yes, you certainly can use me as a reference, and use my phone number with them.    I appreciate what you’ve done to help Dan and I’m trying to figure out how I can help you back by emphasizing you on the Boot Key Harbor website.   Just thanks.   Greg


-----Original Message-----

From:  Ted Castle []
Subject: Boat Transport Colorado to New York Ski boat on trailer

I was very pleased with your service. Your staff and driver were very helpful. The boat arrived in good shape. Thanks Ted


-----Original Message-----

From: Jack Neil []
Subject: Sailboat Transport Florida to Alexandria Bay, New York

Great to work with, went beyond call of duty. When my arrangements fell through, Boat and Yacht Transport were able to make alternative arrangements with their marina contacts. Boat arrived in great shape.


-----Original Message-----

From: Carlos Fuentes/CARSA []
Subject: Boat Transport Florida to Texas to Mexico Strike Fisherman
Thanks for everything, where can I put an excellent testimonial on this operation?  YOU ARE INCREDIBLE.  Thanks for everything and remember that you have a friend here, whatever you need from Mexico, let me know.  Sincerely Carlos.


-----Original Message-----
From: Ralph Mirsky []
Subject: Boat Transport Maine to Washington

Got the boat, it was delivered to Padden Creek Marine in Bellingham, WA yesterday afternoon. I was unable to be there.  I was impressed that your driver had the folks at Padden Creek call me to get my permission to drop the boat.  I had already been advised by David Tripp the owner of Gowen's Marine in Portland Maine, that he was very impressed with the driver. David told me that in his opinion having dealt with many drivers over the years, that your driver really impressed him, aside from having a great truck, David said he was one of the most experienced and competent drivers that he had ever dealt with.


I also want to tell you how much I have appreciated and enjoyed working with you.  It truly has been a pleasure and a pleasant experience. I will surely pass on the good experience and word to my friends and associates here in Alaska re: you and your terrific service. Look forward to meeting you sometime, and if you are ever in Alaska, look me up. The State may be big but there aren't allot of us nuts living full time up here, so I'm not that hard to find.  Sincerely, Ralph Mirsky, Ketchikan, Alaska



-----Original Message-----

From:  Wagner Stevens Yachts

Subject: Boat Transport Florida to Maryland Trophy Boat

Everything went well with the transport of the boat up to Maryland.  Mike is a very professional and personable driver and if the opportunity arises we would definitely use both Boat and Yacht Transport and Mike again. Thanks for all your help.  Barbara Kellam, Wagner Stevens Yachts



-----Original Message-----

From: Jason Lamb
Subject: Boat Transport Florida to Rhode Island -  Pic of your Nordic being transported for your files!

Thank you.  You were great to work with and I’ll recommend you to all my friends buying 26’ Nordic Tugs in Florida and transporting them across the country!   


-----Original Message-----

From: Plano Marine

Subject: Boat Transport Texas to California

Thank you so much it has been a pleasure working with you.   Marco Weston - Plano Marine


-----Original Message-----

From: Monica Petersen []

Subject: Sailboat Transport New York to Washington

Everything went really well.   The boat was in great shape after its long trip - Sonny took very good care of it.  The broker we used in New York was also impressed with Sonny, and wants to use him again.


We just got in from the six hour crossing between Anacortes and Sidney.  Coincidentally, we ran into neighbors who also had a boat shipped to Anacortes and were motoring back the same day, so we traveled with them.  It's such a relief to have the boat home safe and sound.  Thanks again for all your help.  Monica.


-----Original Message-----
From: Steve J []
Subject: Boat Transport Hawaii


It is so wonderful to hear from you.  You were fantastic with my boat move!  You can post the letter and please if you need someone to give you a referral please give them my contact info.  I have moved again, received a promotion to move back from Hawaii to Chicago.  Please keep in touch.  Steve



OK. They have called me and said that it will be released today.  I will pick it up today.  No problem, they said it was an internal accounting problem. Thank you!  For all the hard work you did on getting the boat here!!!!!!  My letter to your company will be complete this week on the fantastic job you did.  I wish I had you working on my team with your dedication to your customers!  Again Thank you for all you work and help you provided.  Steve


-----Original Message-----

From: Steven Bryant []

Subject: Searay Yacht Transport 370 Boat Transport South Carolina to Indiana - Float On

Everything went well. I will keep your contact information for any future boat transportation needs. Regards Steve


-----Original Message-----

From: Roman L Orenchuk []
Subject: Boat Transport Bayliner 3988 Command Bridge Yacht Transport
It has worked out great,  boat in slip.  The transport all went good with the exception of the throttles, George paid for the throttles, I installed them.  Thank You for the service, I will call you on the next trip.  Thanks Roman



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Bruce Anderson []
Subject: Boat Transport Texas Recommendation Again and Again !

Thanks for all the help in getting my boat down here to Horseshoe Bay.  Time table seemed to work just fine.  Wayne, the driver, was just great.  Thanks again.  This move was as good as…or better than my last.  You can certainly keep me on your referral list. Bruce Anderson


Got your phone message about the arrival date of our boat to Maryland.  But I got it when I got back, since we had already left.  But, once again, you demonstrated the customer service that is second to none!  Follow-up is so important to the customer. The boat arrived safely and on time.  George and I conversed the day he left Texas, a day out of Maryland, and several times as he got closer to the Maryland Marina.  Wow!  How good is that!  I knew exactly what was going to happen.  Well, here's the reference I promised.    YOU'RE THE GREATEST!


When I was looking for a boat transport company, I filled out on line applications to four companies.  What set you apart was the personal service.  You called me the next day to say you received my app and would work on it that evening and get me a quote the next day.  That is personal service and made an absolutely wonderful impression!  (Your closest rival was a company that sent me an email a week later.  Another got me a quote a month later!  The fourth never did contact me!)  The second company bid was a bit less than your bid, but your service demonstrated that you were worth the extra few dollars.


I knew from the start that you were the company for me.  First impressions are so important and you proved so professional from the first, through our changes of dates, to the last.  Its nice to know a company still exists that knows their job and does their job well.  I changed dates around you and you adapted.  You kept me informed.  Your driver, George, couldn't have been more helpful.  He showed that he definitely knew what he was doing during the pickup.  It took less than 30 minutes; same thing with the delivery.  We got it in the water no more than 30 minutes after arrival.  George knew how to work with the marina people!  What a great guy!  And you!  What a great personal contact person! So there you are.  I would recommend your company to anyone who asked.  I would use you again in a split second to move my boat again.  Use me as a reference anytime!  Were it in my power, I would give you a raise!  Sincerely, for sure.....Bruce Anderson


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From: Duncan Milloy []
Subject: Boat Transport New York to Washington on Trailer

I would like to thank you for transporting my boat safely on a transcontinental trip from West Haverstraw, NY to Bellevue, WA. The driver, Rick Gordon, was courteous and resourceful. He made onsite repairs to the trailer before he began the haul. He coordinated a cost effective on the road repair from a third party while in Pennsylvania when an axle needed to be fixed. I appreciate the fact that he went above and beyond my expectations to ensure that my boat arrived safely.  As you know, I had difficulty finding a hauler to meet my needs. You saved the day in a timely and professional manner. You and your company stand head and shoulders above your competition.  Duncan Milloy


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From: John Flood []
Subject: Boat Transport Maine to New Jersey - Thanks!

Thanks again for the friendly service you provided!  The boat was picked up on-time in ME and delivered in NJ early the next morning.  The driver was extremely competent and friendly.  I truly appreciate it!! Thanks again, John


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From: Jim Gambell []
Subject: Boat Transport Australia

Jim from Australia here, the boat arrived OK, thanks for all of your good work.  Maybe we can do business again someday. Thanks Jim.


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From: Scott Burbank []

Subject: Boat Transport Kentucky to Washington

Our new boat made it safely from KY to WA (big smile). Thanks for all your efforts to keep us on schedule.  The driver, Chris, was friendly and helpful when I asked him questions about the boat's towing characteristics.  We hope all goes well with you and the birth of your new baby!  I will definitely recommend you to others who need their boat transferred from one region of the country to another.  


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From: Commander Pete Jefferson

Subject: Boat Transport Maryland to California and return

The boat arrived safe and sound today, just in time to take it out tomorrow with my sister before I am shipped out.  The return trip went just as smooth as the initial trip!  Thanks again for your hard work! Karen and Pete

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From: Steve Nelson []

Subject: Boat Transport Florida to Washington - She made it home safe and sound!

Thank you so much for your assistance in getting my new boat out of Florida.  You went above and beyond with hurricane number three roaring towards Tampa. George was very nice and extremely professional – way above what I was expecting, especially under the hurried circumstances.  The boat arrived on time and in perfect condition - just a few (well, more than a few) bugs on the radar and windshield, but no big deal.  I owe you - and make sure your boss buys you a terrific lunch - lobster or whatever - and champagne. Steve Nelson


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From: Jay Marsh

Subject: Sailboat Transport Florida to Arkansas –  Tartan Water Launch

I want to thank you so much for getting the Tartan 37 safely from Port Canaveral, Florida, to Royal, Arkansas. I couldn’t be more pleased with your driver.  The water at the lake was low so we couldn’t launch.  And, although you paid more for bringing two trailers cross country and I paid more for the Marine Travel lift in Little Rock, all things considered it worked out fine, even with the delay leaving Cape Marina, my apologies.  I had no idea the boat was going to be that heavy.  I’d be delighted to give you a very high recommendation to any of your prospective customers. Jay Marsh

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From:Mark Warren

Subject: Beneteau Sailboat Transportation

Boat and Yacht Transport were very easy to work with and very helpful. They assisted me with finding a marina in Merritt Island, FL that would unstep the mast and prepare my boat for transportation (over the Labor Day Weekend). Our Beneteau 41 was transported to Sausalito, CA without delays. They  kept me informed as to exactly when our boat would arrive and kept in good contact with the receiving marina. I would definitely recommend and use Boat and Yacht Transport again should I need to move our boat in the future. Mark Warren


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From: jcmd 62 []

Subject:Boat Transport Indiana to Maryland

I had to take a minute and drop a note to you for an excellent job in delivering my 25' Nova XL from Evansville, IN to Frederick, MD.  I’d like to especially thank you for your promptness and professional demeanor with a customer.  Everything from your top notch emails to quickly answering voicemails impressed me right from the start. You were the first to reply to my dozens of free quote requests, and your emails were excellent, answered my questions before I could ask. After reading the email that included, a contract, and full instructions on how to prepare the boat for shipping, I only needed to call you for a delivery timeframe.   Thank you - James Cook - Fredrick, MD



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Jeff Jacobs []
Subject:  Boat Transport Florida to Los Angeles, California - Your message made my Day!

Boat was received - I will go see it soon but I hear it made it safely.  Thanks for all your help and assistance getting it out here. You run a great operation, equipment, and driver kept good communication with me.  Thanks again for all your help!  I need to have a copy of the bills of lading upon departure from Florida and arrival here in Los Angeles - is that possible?  You can e-mail to me.  I'm taking some time off work to enjoy the boat and today is my last day!  Thanks! 



-----Original Message-----
Jason []
Subject: Boat Transport North Carolina - THIS BOAT MEANS A LOT TO ME!

I got all the paper work today and I am working quickly to make all preparations.  Thank you for your honest and workable offer for this transport. This boat means a lot to me, and you and your company are going to make it possible for me.  Jason


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From: Jim Kevern

Subject: Boat Transport Hydraulic Trailer - "Before" photo

The delivery went fine - the driver had to do a bit of finagling to get it into the barnyard, but did an outstanding job.  I had trouble downloading the “after’ pics into my computer.  Once I get it worked out I’ll send you one.  Thanks again.  Jim


-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Cottiero []
Subject: Boat Transport Ohio to Florida - 34' Power Boat on trailer

Everything went very good.  Thank you very much!  Michael A. Cottiero, Knight Fire & Security


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Steven L. Lynch []
Subject: Boat Transport California to Rhode Island - 2004 MONTEREY 322 EXP

Thank you very much everything went well everything was in good shape.


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From: []

Subject: Boat Transport went great.

You and George did a great job.


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From: []
Subject: Boat Transport Massachusettes

You shipped my boat in March. I was very satisfied with the job and I will use you again if I have the need. Thank you very much. (Tim was the Driver) George Vaccaro, Harvard, MA


-----Original Message-----
From: []
Subject: Boat Transport New Boat

Thanks for emailing the quote and the other information you included.  I really appreciated your professionalism and the extra time you took to answer my questions.  I am looking forward to getting a boat purchased so that I can continue to work with you.  Dave Hand


-----Original Message-----
From: Wayne Arthur []
Subject:Boat Transport New England

Thanks for all your help on shipping the boat.  All went extremely well and the boat is in great working order.  My wife and I were able to get the boat out this weekend...finally some sun up here!!


-----Original Message-----
James Busse []
Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2004 12:54 AM
Subject: Boat Transport Service - Boat Transport Costs

Thanks for your time and consideration.  Based on all the costs, we have decided to pursue a boat that is local to us.  I will recommend your service to anyone needing transport, and should I need the transport in the future, I will most certainly save your email and ask you first.  Again, thanks.  Best Regards - Jim Busse


-----Original Message-----
From: Phil Marsillio []
Subject: Boat Transport Searay 50' - Yacht Transport Florida to California

G – You’re the Best!  Phil


-----Original Message-----
Top 8 []
Subject: Boat Transport Alabama

If I ever need to move a boat again, I'm coming to you. You have great customer service. Chris


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From: Simon Poole []

Subject: International Boat Transport Portland / Long Beach / United Kingdom

Thank you for carrying out the delivering my boat to Long Beach. I am very pleased with the level of service you provided and I would be happy to recommend you.  I still owe you $25!!  I will post this off to you by the end of this week so you should get it next week.  





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From: CDR-HealthWeb1 []
Cc: David Roscoe

I just wanted to let you know that the boat arrived last week safe & sound. We picked it up Wednesday and dropped it in the water on Thursday.  Thank you very much for all your help and responsive service - as they say here in Hawaii, 'much mahalos'We'll be sure to contact you should we be shipping any other boats out this way. Aloha - Chris Roscoe


-----Original Message-----
From: clay ching []

Thanks so much for your efficiency. Here's a scripture that I've been using throughout this whole process of buying a boat on the internet all the way across the continent. It really was a step of faith to do all this as the natural inclination would be to just say "forget it". I prayed for the right boat and found it a few days later through all the links on line.  It didn't have a trailer under it so again, pray, found someone who gave it to me at cost, plus it was a trailer that was originally designed for the specific boat as the trailer manufacturer used to make trailers for the boat company before they went out of business.  There is still more traveling so I'm still praying forTerry, and his rig and safety on the road with no delays and or breakdowns. All the rest of the stuff like loading, unloading, travel across the Pacific, and ultimate delivery to me here on the island of Molokai. Thanks a lot for your part in all this. Please do tell Terry, I'm praying for him too. He can call me anytime too, or I'll just wait to hear from you.   Pastor Clay


-----Original Message-----
From: Darrell Boyd []
Subject:  Boat Transport North Carolina to Hilo, Hawaii

Thanks for all your help but I have found a better way for me to move by land. I bought a diesel truck at a fair discount and I will pull the boat to Long Beach myself.  That way you can ship the truck at the same time & place as the boat. I've already got a buyer for the truck in Kona so I can break even on the trucks costs. Thanks for your help and I will remember you should I ever need your services again.  Aloha, Darrell


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From:  Kai Ebel []

Subject: Boat Transport Florida local

Everything was great!  I'll give you a call if I ever need transport again!  Thanks Kai.





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