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We can quote boat shipping cradles and boat and yacht shrink wrap service.




We build and delivery boat shipping cradles.  Cradles constructed of steel with adjustable screw pads, wood cradles.  Our cradles can accommodate every and all type of boats, power boats, sailboats, and yachts.


We build and deliver cradles for any vessel make and model.




The Purpose of Using Shrink-wrap in the Marine Field:


1) To enclose boats for protection from the elements when they are stored outside during the season.


2) To protect new boats as they are transported from the builder to the dealer.


3) To enclose boats for international shipping.


4) Over the road boat transporting to reduce potential of dirt, grime, winter salted roads, and flying debris.




Shrink wrap can protect the boat from road tar and dirt, we DO RECOMMEND your money be spent on a good wash down at delivery for all transported boats.


Keep in mind that the driver's view is often obstructed, and at night he can't always see that the shrink-wrap has torn. Nor can the driver hear the shrink-wrap flapping or "wind-milling."   Our drivers routine check the status of your shrink wrapped boat.


Shrink wrap can and does tear or fly-off during transit.  This can cause considerable damage from beating against the boat and chaffing.  Drivers carry tape, and we will try to repair it if possible. If we can't, we will have to remove it.


We are not responsible for damage caused by shrink-wrap, canvas covering or any other cover.  In some cases, you may be charged for the boat movers time to remove the shrink wrap. 


We will not be responsible for damage sustained by shrink-wrap damage. 



Please note that sailboats painted with Awlgrip® or Imron® should not be shrink-wrapped, unless the cover comes just below the gunwale and the perimeter band is separated from the hull by foam blocks.




Shrinkwrap is recommended for international boat and trailer shipping. While it is not necessary, it is a good deterrent for break-ins and provides some base security.




What makes this material different than construction plastic sheeting?  Shrink-wrap contains shrinking resins, UV inhibitors, anti-brittling compounds, and strengtheners so that it will not rip or tear.   Shrink-wrap does not contain any flame retardant compounds.  It is possible for shrink-wrap to burn.


Tarps and canvas covers allow damaging Ultraviolet rays to penetrate through to your boat's fiberglass gel-coat surface causing chalking, bleaching wood surfaces and the fading of your boat's seats and interior. Tarps and canvas can also cause chafing because loose fitting covers tend to flap against your boat's surface from the wind so save those tarps and canvas for mooring covers. UVI is used for the protection from film deterioration and in combination with "Ethyl Vinyl Acetate" it contributes to the elasticity and puncture resistance of shrink-wrap.


Shrink-wrap provides a tight smooth form fitting, heat sealed surface secured around your boat which will prevent water from pooling and protect your boats gel-coat finish from chafing that occurs from boats covered by tarps and canvas.


It's no secret that boats left exposed to harsh weather like Florida's sun and rain will eventually deteriorate. Vandals, Birds, Insects and Rodents, Rain, Sun and Wind, Condensation, Mold, Mildew and Rust are stopped when your boat is shrink-wrapped for storage.  Shrink-wrapping keeps your boat in exactly the same condition as the day it was wrapped


We are looking forward to providing you with a professional boat and yacht transport and shipping service experience. Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or need more information.







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